The latest seminar Sharing is Caring: Right to Remix? was held 2 October 2015.


Photos from Sharing is Caring: Right to Remix? 

Check out the programme for info about this year’s keynotes, debates, and ignites.


Sharing is Caring is an annual seminar focusing on collaboration and sharing in the cultural heritage sector.

The seminar brings together practitioners, researchers, and users of culture to discuss issues of remix culture and copyright, user involvement, and the technological infrastructures for sharing digitised cultural heritage.

Sharing is Caring has been held since 2011, featuring keynote speakers such as Melissa Terras, Cédric ManaraMichael Edson, Shelley Bernstein, Nick PooleJill CousinsSimon Tanner, and Jasper Visser, as well as a range of Danish and Scandinavian practitioners presenting research and case studies within digital culture.


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