Joe Padfield

FAIR – Reusable

Joe Padfield, National Gallery, London, Principal Scientist, with expertise in preventive conservation, colour science, conservation documentation, technical examination of paintings, generating/sharing digital images, image processing, web development, data management and integration systems development, database development, open-linked data, RDF triple stores and the semantic web. His main research interests include digital documentation and museum lighting, specifically investigating how the introduction of new types of lights (e.g. LEDs), affects how we compare and select appropriate lighting for museums. He is responsible for several of the National Gallery’s collaborative national and international external research projects including being responsible for a work-package examining the “Development of digital documentation and data” in the IPERION-CH (H2020) project and managed the The National Gallery’s involvement in the CrossCult (H2020) project. He is also an Interim Co-Coordinator of E-RIHS (H2020) DIGILAB.