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What’s the impact of digitisation?

The digitisation of cultural heritage collections has been going on for several decades now, promising unprecedented potentials for the GLAM sector to fulfil its public mission of opening up knowledge and culture to the participation and enjoyment of all citizens. The big question is, how do we demonstrate that we actually achieve this ambition through our digitally powered work?

Ignite session kickoff at Sharing is Caring 2015. Photo CCBY-NC 2.0 Thomas Christensen

A range of amazing ignite speakers responded to the challenge and gave us an insight in the tangible impact of their work.

1. Dialogue that makes an impact
Helle Bech Madsen, Manager
DR Archives, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

2. MIXOSCOPE – remix old photos from the Danish colony in the West Indies
Mette Toxwærd, Project Leader
Ditte Laursen, Head of Department
Royal Danish Library

3. What happened to Giovanna Tornabuoni? Tracking a masterpiece on the Internet
Helena Barranha, Assistant Professor
Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa

4. How to use gigapixel digitizations to create impacting experiences for your users
Koldo Garcia, Co-Founder

5. Art Jewels: Sparking engagement with museum collections through digital design
Victoria Martinez, European Community Manager

6. Making Access to Art Easy: Kunstportalen.louisiana.dk
Helle Søndergaard, Art Educator
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

7. ECHY studio: Cross-Generational Research at the University of Hamburg
Ragna Quellmann, Bachelor of Arts
Olivia Stracke, Student of Cultural Anthropology
University of Hamburg

8. Caring about what you are sharing: rightsstatements.org
Harry Verwayen, Deputy Director

Sharing is Caring is spreading

Sharing is Caring is all about sharing experience and expertise about digital culture. Therefore, we are thrilled that the concept of Sharing is Caring is spreading across borders. Good colleagues in Hamburg and Bruxelles have already organised extensions of Sharing is Caring outside Denmark! The conference in Denmark remains the big core event which takes place every second year, each time with a new topical theme. In November 2017, we met in Aarhus under the headline Digitisation and social impact? You too can have a share in the Sharing is Caring name and organize your own local extension, to address the topics that are close to your heart and community. Interested in staging your own Sharing is Caring event? Get in touch! The relation between the Sharing is Caring conference and extensions is inspired by the one between the TED conferences and local TEDx extensions. That is why the extensions use the hashtag #sharecarex 

Damen Pyramide, from the photographic collection of the MKG Hamburg, Public Domain