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Sharing is Caring is spreading

Sharing is Caring is all about sharing experience and expertise about digital culture.

This year, we are thrilled to announce that the concept of Sharing is Caring is spreading across borders. Good colleagues in the Hamburg cultural sector are organising the first ever extension of Sharing is Caring outside Denmark!

The conference in Denmark remains the big core event which takes place every second year, each time with a new topical theme. In November 2017, we will meet in Aarhus under the headline Digitisation and social impact?

As of 2017, you can have a share in the Sharing is Caring name and organize your own local extension, to address the topics that are close to your heart and community. This is what our friends in Hamburg are doing in April 2017.

Interested in staging your own Sharing is Caring event?
Get in touch!

The relation between the Sharing is Caring conference and extensions is inspired by the one between the TED conferences and local TEDx extensions. That is why the extensions use the hashtag #sharecarex

Stay tuned about the core conference at #sharecare17 and the Hamburg extension at #sharecarex

Damen Pyramide, from the photographic collection of the MKG Hamburg, Public Domain

Keynote: Elizabeth Merritt

GLAMS in a Digital Future

Times of rapid change challenge organizations to revisit the assumptions underlying their existing practices. Some companies thrive by reinventing their business models while others fail to understand how their strengths align with new opportunities. GLAMs (Galeries, Libraries, Archives, Museums)—as individual organizations and as a sector—need to examine how the rise of open, digital culture may transform the core value they offer to society.

About Elizabeth Merritt
Vice President, Strategic Foresight and Founding Director, Center for the Future of Museums, at the American Alliance of Museums

Believing that museums can change the world, Elizabeth Merritt is devoted to helping museums create a brighter future for their communities. As founding director of the American Alliance of Museums’ Center for the Future of Museums, she applies the tools of strategic foresight to the nonprofit realm. Ms. Merritt conducts trends forecasting and scenario development for museums, sharing her work through publications, social media and presentations. She is the author of CFM’s annual TrendsWatch report and produces the weekly e-newsletter Dispatches from the Future of Museums. She frequently keynotes at conferences in the US and abroad. In recent years, her work has expanded to encompass libraries, orchestras and opera as well. Elizabeth earned has her B.S. from Yale and an M.A. in cell and molecular biology from Duke University, as well as training in futures studies at the University of Houston.