Sharing is Caring is spreading

Sharing is Caring is all about sharing experience and expertise about digital culture. Therefore, we are thrilled that the concept of Sharing is Caring is spreading across borders.

Good colleagues in the German cultural sector organised a Hamburg extension of Sharing is Caring in 2017. Later that year, Belgian Wikimedians ran a Sharing is Caring in Brussels. In September 2019, Sharing is Caring X was hosted by the newly reopened Nationalmuseum and Livrustkammern in Stockholm. And in November the same year, it was held at the magnificent Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

You too can have a share in the Sharing is Caring name and organize your own local extension, to address the topics that are close to your heart and community.

Interested in staging your own Sharing is Caring event? Get in touch! The relation between the Sharing is Caring conference and extensions is inspired by the one between the TED conferences and local TEDx extensions. That is why the extensions use the hashtag #sharecarex

The conference in Denmark remains the big core event which has taken place since 2011. In 2021, we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the conference with an all virtual event – and you are invited!

Damen Pyramide, from the photographic collection of the MKG Hamburg, Public Domain