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2019: FAIR data – Amsterdam x 2019

2017: Digitisation and social impact?

Check out MMEx’ YouTube playlist of the 2017 SiC conference: Digitisation and Social Impact.

Please note: Due to technical failure during the livestream, some of the sessions were unfortunately not recorded.

2015: Right to Remix?

Organisationen Danske Museer’s YouTube playlist of the 2015 SiC conference, Right to Remix?

1: Welcome and introduction followed by Taking, Making and Lawbreaking – keynote – Talk by Melissa Terras

2: How open is open enough – Keynote by Eva Van Passel

3: Copyright and the 99 % – Keynote by Cédric Manara

4: Keynotes in Conversation – Eva Van Passel & Cédric Manar

5: Ignite talks: Be ignited! – 5 talks x 5 minutes

2014: Working with our users

1: Welcome and introduction by organizer Merete Sanderhoff, Statens Museum for Kunst

2: Using crowdsourcing to understand public engagement with cultural heritage – Keynote by Kathryn Eccles

3: Enriching cultural heritage collections through participatory Commons platforms – Keynote by Mia Ridge

4: Keynotes in conversation – Kathryn Eccles and Mia Ridge

5: Ignite session I

6: Why people fall in love with museums? – Keynote by Nick Poole

7: When we share, do they care? Using Impact Assessment to understand how our digital presence changes lives?

8: Keynotes in conversation – Nick Poole and Simon Tanner

9: Ignite session II

2012: Let’s get real!

1: Welcome – by organizer Hans Henrik Appel

2: Welcome – by organizer Merete Sanderhoff

3: The future of museums is about attitude (not technology) – Keynote by Jasper Visser

4: Keynotes in conversation – Shelley Bernstein and Jasper Visser

5: Digital literacy is a prerequisite for digital learning – Ignite by Ellen Pettersson

6: Museums and cultural institutions as spaces for Cultural Citizenship – Ignite by Lise Sattrup & Nana Bernhardt

7: @skattefar – using Twitter to communicate with citizens – Ignite by Lene Krogh Jeppesen

8: Caring for whom? – Perspectives on participation in social media – Ignite by Nanna Holdgaard & Bjarki Valtysson

9: Meeting the visitor: Distribution and dissemination of mobile guides at the museum front desk – by Ditte Laursen

10: Open licensing opens up education – Ignite by Peter Leth

11: Old Content in a New Domain – Giving Access to Cultural Heritage – Ignite by Miriam Lerkenfeld

12: Mapping the Messy Archive – Ignite by Theis Vallø Madsen

13: Building a European Cultural Commons – Talk by Jill Cousins

14: The WALL in Copenhagen and Cairo. When citizens create their city’s history – Talk by Sarah Giersing

15: The Digital Museum as Platform – Talk by Jacob Wang

16: Panel discussion

17: Wrap up of the day – concluding remarks

2011: Digitized cultural heritage for all

1: Let us go boldly into the present – Keynote by Michael Edson

2: Creative Commons – Remix culture – Talk by Martin von Haller Grønbæk

3: Open data and Creative Commons in a cultural heritage context – Talk by Lars Lundquist

4: Challenge Round 01 – ask hard questions

5: TING Community –Development and Sharing – Talk by Bo Weymann

6: Sustainability in digital heritage projects – Talk by Jacob Wang

7: When I want to start a project, building a backend is too late – Talk by Tobias Golodnoff

8: Towards a common Danish infrastructure for collections management – Talk by Henrik Jarl Hansen & Christian Ertmann

9: Museums in digital space – Talk by Lars Ulrich Tarp Hansen

10: Challenge Round 02 – ask hard questions